Who are these special little horses?


Brave is a 33 inch Appaloosa mini with the patience and personality to be an excellent therapy mini.  He was a mini show horse prior to coming to us.  He was driven as a mini driving horse with carriage and he now does therapy and also parades in the local area.  Brave has never met a stranger.  He loves to get on the carriage and take a Sunday afternoon drive or is right at home in the house too.  Brave has a tie collection he selectively wears along with high top tennies.


Jade is our smallest mini at about 29 inches tall but we don't tell her that she is much bigger in her mind......and a lot of attitude.  She is very content and happy to be fussed and brushed, she is a girly girl and even has her own tutu that she wears on some visits.


Rappy came to us in Jan, 2014 as a donation and we are so thankful for him.  He also was a former show horse and pulls a carriage.  We are integrating him slowly but he is not new to therapy as he had done children's hospital visits previously in N.M.  Thanks, Joe!