Equine therapy with the mini horses is the highlight of my week. They never fail to raise my spirit. And the enhancement I’ve seen is indescribable. Patient, Pate Rehab, June 2014 Visiting since Nov, 2011


Working in the nursing field we know the importance of pet therapy, how it can bring reaction from those that many may believe are unreachable. Pet therapy is being used in many facilities now, dogs, cats, fish aquariums and birds these are the animals that bring a smile to the faces of many. When you add mini horses to the mix you get an altogether different experience, our residents light up, it's like new life has been poured up on them. Our residents talk to the horses, follow them if possible and the talk of the day is did you see the little horse. Mini horses are the best therapy you can bring into a facility its different and the horses are calm and friendly, we love them. Melba G Meadowbrook Visiting since Dec. 2010  

It has been very delightful working with the mini horses. It has been my privilege and honor to work with them and I hope to continue working with them. Patient, Pate Rehab, June, 2014 Visiting since Nov 2011


The days that Mini Encounters comes to visit us in our building the residents didn't believe their eyes when a real live horse was standing in front of them! "Not every day you have a horse in your room!" It was a great experience to watch all the residents smile and reminisce about being around horses when they were growing up! It was an awesome therapy for my Memory Care Residents and my Assisted Living Residents! Marcy R. Stonefield Assisted Living & Memory Care May 2014