Mini Encounters is located North of the Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex.  We are a recognized 501(c)3 non profit organization providing group and one on one sessions with trained mini therapy horses to nursing homes, rehabs, traumatic brain injury rehabs, veterans, home hospice patients, really anyone with a need. MiniEncounters will come to your location or we can arrange a farm visit. 

   We use the mini horses in many ways for various therapies at each facility.  The reactions we see are wonderful.  The residents and the mini horse interact with each other for great build results thru therapy for cognitive thinking, problem solving, speech therapy, retention of knowledge and socialization.

   Providing this service is from our heart but we do have expenses to maintain the health of our mini horses......they receive annual medical and dental checks, semi annual and annual shots, farrier visits every six weeks to keep their hooves in balance and trimmed, grain, hay and gas to get to visits.  Are biggest expenses are our special liability insurance and gas to take the minis to on site locations. Any donation made in kind or monetarily is gratefully accepted.



    We are also all volunteer and without our volunteers we would be nothing.  They show up early and do what needs to be done for the safety of the mini horses and the clients.  MiniEncounters gives them a Big Thanks.